NDA Team Dart 2024

Pink Ladies Dart League Registration

Las Vegas, Nevada – April 18-24, 2024

Registration Ends at Midnight on Friday, February 16th.

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Emery Kubrin

Lifelong Family Friend/Game Distributor Salesperson

D. Lazar Company, Atlas Music & Novelty


I have had the pleasure of knowing four generations of Lazars: Hyman, Bernie, Dale and Brent. It has been my pleasure to interact with them for over 75 years! I first met Bernie in 1940 at the old YMWHA in Oakland. I was new to Pittsburgh, fresh out of high school, and Bernie offered his friendship to me, a friendship that grew to be something very special for me. After WWII Bernie recommended me to B D Lazar Company, a distributor of coin-operated amusements, for a part time sales role, placing a machine called “You Play We Pay” on a route. I have very fond memories of placing, loading and collecting this machine. That part time role soon became a full time job. Bernie was a man of his word and if he told you he would do something he did it, respecting the needs of others in business and in his personal life. Everyone liked Bernie. The business later changed when Dale got active. He brought a modern approach and, as we all know, H Lazar and Son grew under his leadership to what it is today. But my best memory of Dale is as a fine person. When his father and mother had to move to a nursing home, Dale visited them daily and made sure their living area had a feel of home by hanging familiar pictures on the walls of his room. And to this day, Dale enlivens the lives of nursing home residents, staff and visitors through his jukebox donations and the Jukebox Memories Project.

Ronnie Ferrangonio


Willee’s I & II, Ferragonio’s Pizza (three locations)


I first began doing business with Bernie Lazar in 1965 at my first pizza shop. I had the pleasure of having him in seven of my businesses. He was a great man and I loved spending time with him. Bernie was a man of integrity with a comforting presence, who I had the utmost respect for.  He had a beautiful soul.

The service was always exceptional.  Whatever I requested he provided and often he upgraded games before I had an opportunity to even make a request.  H. Lazar & Son has provided me with outstanding service for over 50 years. The employees have been excellent, without exception.  I wish all my suppliers/vendors were as good as H. Lazar & Son.  Lastly, I am proud to say that Dale is walking in his father’s footsteps.

Gregg Caliguiri and Matt Turbiner


Shady Grove/Social/Walnut Grills

Dale and his company, H. Lazar & Son, are at the forefront of today’s every-advancing technological world.  We have followed his lead for more than 25 years knowing he always has his finger on the pulse of the amusement industry/business.  In any successful business, it is important to be able to rely on individuals that make up your team.  Dale has always had the support of a more than exemplary, committed and loyal staff enabling him to succeed and provide his customers with the best possible service.

Mark McCandless


Wildlife Lanes


“PROFITS, SERVICE, IMAGE, RELATIONSHIPS and RETENTION are what I believe to be the essence of any successful business. H. Lazar & Son has embodied and exceeded my expectations on every facet of businesses partnering. Their employee’s ability to perform and communicate about equipment, service, current marketing trends and industry legislation has proven to be an asset to our business.  H. Lazar & Son has certainly satisfied my business needs and the demands of our customers. Their commitment to success has not changed in our two decades of doing business and I am certain that they will continue to provide us with many years of profitability and valued friendship.“

Marty Mundy

Entertainment Consultant

Entertainment Unlimited


As a corporate event and party planner, I have worked with H. Lazar & Son for over 25 years.  I have used a wide variety of their equipment from sports games, pinball machines to vintage arcade games. From the receptionist Kathy to the staff and set-up crew, Rocky, Anthony and Will, everyone is a pleasure to work with. They are professional, experienced, helpful and efficient.   I know the equipment will always be in top condition and delivered on time. Dale, the owner, is personable, always available to make suggestions and is willing to work with me on any last minute changes.

We are more than pleased with the quality of the service, equipment and the ease of working with the company.  I look forward to our continued business relationship.

Bob Cenci


Cenci’s Pizzeria & Bar-Wexford & Cranberry

Brush Creek Inn


Dale Lazar and his staff have been servicing my bar/restaurants since 2010!   We have had an excellent partnership since they did the first installation. Anthony, Dave, Roman, Will and Rocky are actively involved in the success of my companies and make themselves available whenever needed.  The most important part of our relationship is the trust that we have established over the years!  We know that we can count on each other to make every thing perfect. I am more than satisfied with H. Lazar & Son and am looking forward to continuing our long and prosperous relationship!

Andy Shaffer

President of Shaffer Entertainment Columbus, OH & Indianapolis, IND

Past-President, AMOA


I have had the pleasure of knowing Dale Lazar for my entire career, over 27 years. The Lazar Family’s reputation for quality service and pleasant/efficient employees, represents the character of and upbringing from Hyman Lazar, dating clear back to 1932.


Family Businesses are very special and to have a 3rd generation company with such high quality is somewhat unique. H. Lazar & Son serves Western PA with as much pride as I’ve had the pleasure of encountering anywhere in the entire US.